Referral Discounts

As one of the leading online Islamic academies in the world, Quran School is committed to spread the Islamic message across the world. There are thousands of people that have already benefited from our services globally including many kids and elderly people. People situated in countries like Australia, and even Japan have used our services in learning about the Quran over Skype. With many students benefitting from us globally and helping in spreading Islam, Quran School is now proud to introduce our Quran School Referral Program. Our students make use of courses such as online Quran learning and memorization to further their knowledge and now through them you can also gain Islamic learning at special discounts. This is a great benefit to all kinds of people who wish to learn Quran online. Sharing knowledge is the essence of human bonds and it is most rewarding when it deals with sharing knowledge about the religion of Allah (SWT). For every student be they adults or kids, that introduces his family and friends to any of our courses which include Quran, Arabic and Gadget studies, that student and the one referred will receive a special discount on their tuition which will be both beneficial to them and the organization on the whole.

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Currently Enrolled Students

  Registered student can refer family and friends and get 5% discount on monthly tuition fee.

  Referred student must be a new enrolled student.

  Upto 50% of student's monthly tuition fee can be availed as discount.

  Once referred student pays first month's tuition fee, discount will be given.

  Until the referred student is enrolled discount will be active on every month tuition fee.

  Current enrolled family/friends are also eligible for this scheme.




Referral discounts to learn Quran Online

New Referred Students

  Registered student can refer family and friends and get 5% discount on monthly tuition fee.

  Any student who is referred by currently registered student will be eligible for discount on monthly

  New student once enrolled can participate in referral program by referring new students.

  Student can only avail discount maximum upto 50% of monthly tuition fee.